Research Group: System Analysis in Administration and Politics (SVP)

The research group "System Analysis in Administration and Politics" (SVP) was formally constituted by Prof. Dieter Grunow, PhD in the winter semester of 1987-1988 at the University of Duisburg. It represents a continuation of research activities begun with the "Project Group for Administration and the Public" in 1972 in Bielefeld, in which theoretical and empirical analyses were initiated in various political fields.

The research group deals with both basic and current problems of the regional and national system of public administration. This makes it necessary to supplement theoretical and methodic analyses through an exchange of ideas, consultation, and cooperation with "practitioners" inside and outside public service administrations as well as various associations and regional institutions.

A primary focus of the research group is on local and regional relationships between public and administrative authorities, as well as Local Public Management. In past years - as a consequence of globalisation processes - there has been increased emphasis on research into the problems of multilevel governance (e.g. EU politics and localized implementation) and on international comparison of administrative architectures (e.g. German and Chinese environmental management).

One form of cooperation consists in providing the services of the "Administrative Sciences Laboratory", which offers both a real and - if desired - virtual platform for discussing and/or processing the issues of political and administrative science: e.g. questions involving research methods, discussions of theory, problems of actual practice, simulations, and much more.